Gentle Yoga (Warm-Hot)

This class focuses on deep relaxation, rejuvenation and healing. Promoting physical and mental fitness through poses, breathing exercises, guided imagery, and often meditation. Suitable for most fitness levels and ages - GENTLE YOGA (WARM-HOT) is a soothing practice held in our infrared-heated room: allowing for deep stretching of muscles and relaxation. This class is suitable for beginners and those who are looking for a slower paced, more expressive experience. This class will help you develop body awareness, learn basic asanas and their various modifications. An emphasis on proper alignment will help you slowly and safely build strength. Within this class a full explanation of yogic breathing is offered, along with instruction on how to link your breath with movement.

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)         TEMPERATURE:  Warm to Hot         TIME:  60 minutes