The Awesome Yoga Wheel - by Joann Steber


This creation came at a time of new beginnings.  I remember the first conversation like it was yesterday.  I just ordered the Segal Wheel from Amazon.  I was so relieved because shipping was horrible.  I was sitting on the bench that is right by the front door of the studio.  Debbie was pacing and talking about what amazing things she had in mind for the studio.  Alongside me was Laura Jones, my best friend, telling us how one thing can change the world.  Our mindset that all I want to have all the time.  It's like the world is our oyster and soon to be cracked open to reveal a pearl.

I mentioned the Wheel and the first thing that came to mind was incorporationg it with my class.  Of course, being raised like I was, I asked for permission.  Then the conversation lead to creating a class totally dedicated to the wheel.  Debbie came up with the name Yoga Wheel Flow.  I was ecstatic!  I wanted this class to be awesome, so I went into it with a open mind.  Everything was a open door of possiblities.  I went home with so much excitement in my heart, and soon as I hit the door I hit the mat.

Don't get me wrong, creating something new is hard.  Your Cons in the beginning out weighs your Pros seems like every single day.  But there is no tears when something do work....its always screams and jumping up and down.  Then most of all....can't wait to show everyone what worked.  

Its been a year and 7 months since all of this began.  It is so many possibilities of growth, love, and strength to share with Some Like It Hot Yoga and Fitness clients.   Even though, many days I may get 2 to3 people and other days I get 10-13 people.  That moment that I get the excited expression on a clients face.  The love that is shared between everyone in class.  The courage that each person embrace.  The honor to dedicate to themselves.  Yoga Wheel brought all of this and more to everyone who have practiced it.

-Joann Steber