Inga Seals - Yoga Instructor

Inga’s passion for yoga began when she went to class hoping to lose weight and be happier in her own body - but found so much more. Yoga made Inga want to be better to herself. It helped her understand that if she did not fill her own cup, then she could not properly give to others.

Through her journey, Inga lost 85 pounds and also stopped drinking, left behind an awful, but lucrative management career, and found something she could truly be passionate about doing every day. Inga felt the transformation of her physical, mental, and spiritual self. After creating a consistent practice, she has been able to use yoga and meditation as a resource to stay elevated and happy. Inga is eternally grateful for what having a yoga practice has done for her life.

Inga’s philosophy is that through yoga, you can create and build your inner power by taking the time for yourself and listening to your body. We all have everything we need inside of us to be happier, to create positive change in our world, to be a good human and have compassion for one another.  Her intention for students is to find their inner power. Whether in a vinyasa practice or restorative class, you will have the space to explore, discover, and challenge yourself in a safe, open environment.

Inga studied under Lex Gillan at the Yoga Institute in Houston, TX.  She has received specialty training in Meditation, Hatha, Yin, Flow, and more. When not teaching yoga, Inga is raising two beautiful yoga enthusiasts at home.