Karma Yoga

Yoga of Service – A percentage of each drop-in for this class will be donated to a different charity each month.

Karma Yoga – is one of the four paths of yoga.   The word “Karma” means “to do, to act”.  Any emotional, mental, or physical act is called Karma.  Karma also describes the consequence of this act, thus the word also refers to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect - where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). 

This class will allow for the opportunity to lead without ego in a gently-restorative, all while relinquishing attachment to a specific outcome from the sequence of postures – the opportunity for spiritual awakening.

Once you begin to awaken, you search for practices/deeds to purify and to help you awaken even further. 

LEVEL:  Intermediate (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  No-Heat & Warm (see schedule)    TIME:  60 minutes