Zumba (Group X Certified Instructor)

An hour long aerobic dance fitness class based on the principle of interval training-alternating high and low intensity exercises which works for both beginners and advanced participants.  In Zumba, changes in intensity are driven by the different rhythms of the music and by the steps,making it easy to follow and the routines easy to learn with time.  We start with a warm up, then move through 10-12 routines which vary in intensity and style and blend traditional dance steps with basic fitness moves.  Prepare to sweat!  Zumba will get your heart pumping and increase your endurance-you’ll have more energy and burn fat!   The moves will also work your core (abs, back and hips), giving them new strength and definition.   We finish with a cool down song followed by a stretch, leaving both your body and mind feeling relaxed and renewed.