About Our Offerings

To complement your practice and lifestyle - Some Like it Hot Yoga and Fitness offers a variety of yoga and fitness classes to meet your schedule and needs.  All of our classes are welcoming, friendly, non-judgmental, and offer a communal ambiance.  We strive to assure that you to feel “at home” while you’re here. 

While attending our hot and warm classes, you will experience a gentle heat as you move through class.  This is the effect of our high quality infrared heating system. Learn more about our Infrared heating system here.  


Our roots are steeped in the tradition of yoga.  Our instructors work hard to maintain tradition in order to provide a powerful yoga experience unlike any other.   

Some Like it Hot Yoga and Fitness offers an assortment of yoga classes types, practices and environments that also include Hot and Non-Heated sessions.

To maintain or build your flexible and healthy body, Some Like it Hot Yoga and Fitness offers forms and practices of yoga that incorporate:

  • Movement

  • Breath (prana)

  • Safety

Movement facilitates flexibility and strength.  Breath enables calm, peace-of-mind, and inspiration to elevate your mood and spirit.  Safety of good alignment can never be underestimated.  We provide a safe environment with highly-trained practitioners of yoga.

Whether you are new to the practice, or a seasoned yogi – we strongly believe in the tradition, power, and benefits of yoga.  We stand by its tenets and principles and trust in the profound effect yoga has on health peace, body, mind and quality-of-life.

Group Fitness

Balance your practice with group fitness.  In addition to our Yoga offerings, Some Like it Hot Yoga and Fitness provides an assortment of group exercise classes including Zumba, Barre, TRX (yoga and fitness), Tabata Boot Camp, interval training, Insanity, mat pilates, fusion classes and so much more to come! 

Our fitness programs and personnel provide an encouraging environment making your fitness goals – whatever they may be, attainable, efficient, and FUN.