Ashtanga-Fused Sequence - Power 60 (Warm)

An hour-long version of the Ashtanga-Fused Essentials Series.  This is a moderate to fast-paced class focusing on ujjayi breath and vinyasa movement.  Students complete Sun Salutations with traditional Sanskrit counting, the entirety of the Standing Sequence, and a sampling of the seated sequence.  All of this is complete in 50 minutes to ensure a lovely savasana and short seated meditation.  This class is energizing and re-focusing.  Often, the teacher plays music to accompany the class.  Everyone is welcome– just know that we move quickly – so you will build your own heat!  

If new to yoga, it is recommended that INTRO SERIES, YOGA ESSENTIALS, and/or ASHTANGA-FUSED SERIES is taken first.  

LEVEL:  Experience Recommended           TEMPERATURE:  Warm        TIME: 60 minutes