Austin Dunn-Ridgill

austin dunn ridghill.jpg

It is said that electricity is created through energy moving in one direction, becoming one-pointed. 

Austin loves to lead a class that is creative, electric, lighthearted, and full of spiritually-minded hard work. Allowing the concentration on your energy, breath, and intention to absorb you fully, your mind-body connection will strengthen and reveal the messages hidden inside of our bodies.

It is Austin's intention to strengthen through connection, mobilize through movement, and open through understanding. With his playful approach to practice you will leave class feeling calm & conscious, energized yet relaxed. 

Austin came to yoga to heal his various injuries on the physical, emotional and mental level. Now he operates a pain-free body and would love to help you do the same! He has been sharing and teaching his practice with many happy and transformed students. 

Currently, Austin is studying with Robert Boustany in the Pralaya Method for his 300-hour teacher training. Austin is also working with Davina Davidson and Andrew Dugas to improve his skills as a practitioner and teacher.  He has trained with Diane Long, Billie Gollick amongst others as he continues to grow his bag of tricks and knowledge base. 

"On the way to knowledge

Many things are accumulated,

On the way to Wisdom

Many things are discarded.”

Come practice, play, and grow!