Baby & Me Yoga

Baby & Me yoga is just what you’ve been looking for if you are a new parent and want to get back on your mat with your new little bundle! This class offers a way to bond with your baby, rebuild or start a yoga practice and build community.  Although many of the postures are targeted for postpartum bodies, this class is both mommy and daddy friendly.

The yoga practice for new moms (or dads!) will be tailored to help regain strength & correct posture that is so important for self-care. We want you to support your baby while ensuring your body is strong and flexible.  We will also explore baby yoga postures, breathing exercises, songs, baby massage, baby-incorporated movement and more.

Of course, each parent/baby is at a slightly different place along their journey together. Babies are unpredictable and there are no expectations as to how babies should perform in this class.  As classes unfold, we may find that different pairs may be doing something different than others depending on baby’s needs. While one mom may need to pause for changing or feeding, other may be able to do sun salutations with baby next to them. Each class will be an adventure!

For continuity sake, we will begin with community sharing and a song followed by introduction of movements or breathing exercises to do at your time/pace. We will end with a song, baby massage and/or meditation. Based on what your baby is doing, you may be free to move or you may need to pause to tend to your baby.

Please note:

  • This class is for babies from newborns to approximately crawling age.  Babies are welcome as long as parents can contain them. We ask parents to determine this at their own discretion. 
  • Mommies and daddies are welcomed. Mom should be cleared by a healthcare professional for postpartum exercise.
  • If your baby needs special attention, please feel free to step out of the class.