Heidi Mahoney

Originally from Iowa, Heidi is a recent transplant to Texas. Her first introduction to yoga was at age 17 to alleviate lower back pain. An avid runner in college, she used yoga to prevent injury and keep her joints limber. In 2009, during Peace Corps Service in Thailand, Heidi’s yoga practice helped her stay focused and maintain a sense of calm.  It also opened inquiry into Thai meditation (Vipassana Meditation) and healing practices. Upon returning stateside in 2011, Heidi began teacher training in Boston, MA through YogaWorks with senior teacher Natasha Rizopoulos. She also studied with world-renowned Iyengar teacher, Patricia Walden and Ashtangi Chuck Miller.

Heidi feels strongly about yoga as an individualized experience accessible to every-body. Yoga has helped her navigate years of having an eating disorder and move into a place of full body acceptance that continues to work! Her focus involves correct alignment, ahmisa (non-harming), and focusing on the actions involved in moving into postures while surrendering results.  She invites students to approach yoga with curiosity and willingness to undergo great sensation for great transformation.