Keep Showing Up!

Just show up, I got you.

show up.jpg

As a runner, there are those days when you simply want to crawl farther back in the sheets and dream of a pain-free day.  But your calendar/checklist isn’t going to check itself, now is it?  You need to earn that run today.  Just get up.  Put your clothes on.  Walk around.  Walk out the door. Walk down the street.  Hey, while you’re here, maybe jog a bit.  Let’s run.  Great job!

Heading to the studio is exactly the same way for me.  I don’t worry about how I feel about going to practice when I’m tired, I simply trust the process.  How many times have you walked into the studio stressed or tired and walked out feeling like a new you?  Just go, I got you.  I can see the long day on your face, I can hear the conversations in the room. I got you.  Just show up and I’ll take care of the rest.

On those days when you’ve simply had it with the kiddos, or your spouse is giving you a hard time, find your place, find your time, and just show up.

This also applies to your family, job…

When you show up amazing things happen, you find presence and eventually, hopefully, you find purpose.  Recently, I’ve had several yogis come up to me and ask me if being ‘in love’ with yoga and practicing as much as they do was ‘healthy’.  When I compose myself after a laughing fit, I explain that they ARE in love and feeling the ‘chemicals’ of love.  By just showing up, you can find an endorphin rush that makes you fall in love not just with your practice, but with yourself.

By showing up in all aspects of your life you finally come to realize that you start showing up for yourself.  This is finding the ultimate present, presence.