Jackie Blackwell

jackie blackwell.jpg

Jackie is not sure how she stumbled upon the blessing of yoga - she honestly can’t remember how that Seanne Corn video ended up in her DVD player. Practicing yoga gave her strength and confidence in herself, as well as a firm belief that the universe is on her side.

She completed her 200 hour certification in 2011, and she plans to continue adding to that training for the rest of her life because she is smart enough to know there is still a lot she doesn't know. She is a self described anatomy and alignment geek, with a healthy dose of breathing fanatic thrown in for good measure.

Jackie teaches in an eclectic style that draws from her many and varied influences and teachers. She is known for not taking things too seriously, for finding the fun in hard working poses, and for encouraging people to step outside their comfort zones and try something new.

She knows for certain that you (yes, you) are already perfect, you are merely in the process of uncovering yourself, and if she can play a tiny role in helping you see the immense potential you carry inside of you, then her life’s work will be worthwhile.