Kathy Melloy

Kathy started her fitness quest back in 1990 when she joined her first gym after high school.  For years she attended the gym and took all the classes they had to offer and lifted with the guys in the free weight room.  Although she I was stronger and healthier; she didn’t see her body changing.  

In 2002 Kathy’s brother passed away forcing her to take inventory of her life. She focused more on eating and changed my workout regimen.  What an incredible change she experienced!!!  She did it the right way - no magic pills, just portion control and hard work gave her the results she had been striving for.   

That’s when Kathy decided that she wanted to help others achieve their own fitness goals, so she became a Certified Group Fitness Instructor in 2005.  In 2011 she completed my goal to become a Fitness Trainer. 

Kathy has a passion for fitness and would like to bring that passion to you.   She invites you to come workout with her – working together your fitness goals will be achieved!