Mackenzie Walmesley

Mackenzie is all about finding a way to better understand, and, respond to oneself.  At the age of 16, she started her yoga practice journey.  At first, she was one of those 'bad students' that would take her phone in class for the sake of a selfie, DURING class. Now, her cellphone is in the class for music purposes, ONLY!

After discovering she had a deep passion for leading people to their healthier self, mentally and physically she graduated with an RYT200 from Joy Yoga University. She discovered through yoga practice that her mind, and, body began to be valuable allies for one another instead of enemies as she combined them together for her practice.  

Mackenzie believes that yoga serves the purpose of physical exercise, while, serving the higher purpose of rooting ones mind to their body in a healthy manner. Mackenzie believes that no one should push themselves past their limit during any of her classes, she encourages students to accept where their bodies are currently and working from there.

When she isn't practicing yoga, chances are you can find her lifting weights, practicing yoga, or, walking dogs since she is a dog walker/sitter in the local area. She graduated with an associate of arts from Lonestar College, and, is very passionate about building a better tomorrow. Mackenzie personally invites you to build your better tomorrow at one of many classes she teaches.