Commit to yoga & fitness and a healthier you! 

Memberships offer great savings and benefits!

Save $$ with unlimited class membership auto-draft* plans:

6-, 12-, and 18-month Memberships:

  • 6-months unlimited membership only: $99 per month*

  • 12-months unlimited membership only: $79 per month*

  • 18-months unlimited membership only: $69 per month* (yes, you read that right)

*Your credit card on file will be automatically charged every month (Auto-draft)

See membership agreement at bottom of page.

Prefer a no-contract option???  We've got you covered!

No Contract - No-Commitment Unlimited Class Plans Memberships:

  • $109/month unlimited - No Commitment Auto-draft - CANCEL ANY TIME!  No Cancellation Fees!

  • 3-months $290 (pay all at once for a price reduction)

  • 6-months $550 (pay all at once for a price reduction)

  • 12-months $900 (pay all at once for a price reduction)

Interested in making payments on 6-, or 12-month packages?  Inquire at the studio.

Membership has it's Perks!

Membership Perks:

  • Free T-Shirt when you sign up for a membership (one-time only – when you register/sign up for membership)
  • Reduced cost per month versus Non-Members
  • Unlimited classes
  • 10% Discount on retail
  • Convenient Auto-Draft plans available – smaller monthly auto-drafts for longer membership periods (inquire here, or with studio personnel)

* 6, 12, and 18-months minimum Auto-draft - must be accompanied by signed agreement.  

** Auto-Draft Plan is a contract between client and Some Like it Hot Yoga and Fitness.  A valid credit card and identification is required to purchase this plan.  Said credit card will be automatically charged – once per-month.   Some Like it Hot Yoga and Fitness requires 45-days written notification in order to cancel the Auto-Draft Plan.  Written cancellation notification may be submitted to or presented (in writing) in-person at the studio with 45-days notice.

Participants of the $109/month unlimited No-Commitment Plan may cancel at any time without written notice.

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