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Find Your Bliss - A Yoga of Sound Event

  • Some Like it Hot Yoga and Fitness 11403 Barker Cypress Road - Suite 1200 Cypress, TX, 77433 United States (map)

Have you heard the saying “you hold the weight of the world on your shoulders.” That weight turns into burdens and stress, creating your body to feel pain or discomfort. It is just a matter of shifting your perspective listening your own body’s signals and seeing things in a whole new way.

We invite you to transmute stress, pain, and discomfort with Janaki Mayhill and her singing bowls as she leads you through a journey of Nada Yoga (union through sound).

As we take our two-hour journey and shift our embodied perspective; we simply listen to our inner self; while we remember all our blessings, and touch our deep feeling world. We then enable ourselves to love and transmute our burdens into our blessings; while shifting our pain into enthusiasm and/or even pleasure.

This class we will encompass Nada Yoga meaning "union through sound," is a yoga of sound.” somatic movement ”body-mind integration through mindful movement” long held asanas ”poses”, Pranayama ”breath work”, and yoga Nidra ”yogic sleep” is a deep relaxation technique and a form of meditation.

You will connect with you in a brand new way through Janaki's cosmic Yoga Nidra with crystal singing bowls as you journey all aspects of you in your full relaxation self and let your sound carry you into a deeper state in of being, and watch your magic unfold in your life as you land home in you!

Benefits of this event:

- Stress and anxiety reduction
- Significantly enhanced deep relaxation.
- Lowers blood pressure.
- Improved circulation
- Increased blood flow
- Reduction of chronic pain
- A balancing of energy.
- Increased mental and emotional clarity
- Transformation of burdens into blessings
- Stillness, inner joy and well being
- Improved sleep and reduces Insomnia
- Connection to delta & theta waves
- Restoration of your body from trauma
- Awakening of your inner-most being

All while you plant the seeds of future growth!

This is a rare and wonderful opportunity for our community to share together as well as our family, friends, and loved ones.



$40 Pre-Sale
$50 At-Door

Course repeated due to popular demand.

Course repeated due to popular demand.