Private Yoga Class Rates

Many students that are just beginning their yoga journey may want some extra refining their new yoga practice.   At the same time, advanced students are also looking to deepen their practice.  Private yoga lessons are a great way for students to get that one-on-one time to achieve their goals. 

Depending on time, instructor, and room availability, Some Like it Hot is pleased to offer private lessons at their location. 

Each private yoga class will be customized to meet the needs of the individual student.  Under the auspices of one of our certified yoga instructors (chosen by the student) yogis can receive guidance and potentially improve their practice, or work on elusive postures, or even meditate about the fears that may be hindering their practice.

Private yoga classes are one-hour in length.


The rates for private (in-studio) yoga classes are as follows:

$85/hour for one (first) student

$40/hour for each additional student (limit of 3 students per private class)