Tiffani Johnson

Tiffani Johnson.png

Tiffani's fitness journey started at a young age playing all types of sports, which gave her a foundation to love hard work and  physical challenges.  She naturally gravitates to dance, because  no matter if she is listening to a slow contemporary piece, or big bass in hip hop, Tiffani's heart beats to the music.

While living in Georgia, Tiffani decided to take a friend's Buti Yoga Class and a whole new journey started for her.  For Tiffani, it was the perfect combination of fitness and dance and she fell In love immediately and decided to become certified in BUTI yoga. 

Tiffani earned her RYT-200 as well as being certified in BUTI yoga, Hot BUTI yoga, Hot Core, BUTI sculpt and is an AFFA group fitness instructor.  Tiffani loves her community and loves to share her passions of yoga, fitness and faith.