Yoga:  Warm Classes

Welcome to healing and connection.  By committing to your yoga practice you will notice an increased sense of presence, wellness, and mindfulness - as calm infuses into your life on so many levels.

Looking to try yoga with heat - but have some reservation about starting with a hot class?  Our classes designated as "warm" are held in a gently-heated room between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  For your health and enjoyment, we use state-of-the-art infrared heat in all warm and hot classes.  Check out the benefits of our heating system by clicking here: INFRARED HEAT.

Safety Precautions

Heated yoga classes are not for everyone. Be sure you check with your doctor before trying any type of heated yoga if you have any health concerns.

If you have heart disease, problems with dehydration or heat intolerance, or have had heat-related illness (such as heatstroke) in the past, it is probably best to skip hot yoga. Pregnant women should receive clearance from their physician before taking heated yoga classes.

If you have no health concerns and you want to try a hot yoga class, be sure to drink plenty of water, stop if you feel dizzy, lightheaded or sick in any way - please always feel free to leave the room for a breath of cool air.  Always listen to your body

Most of the classes we teach offer consist of Hatha and Vinyasa (Flow) yoga principles.  Our teachers draw from diverse backgrounds including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Baptiste, Bikram, and more.  We offer a unique breadth of experience as our instructors come from an eclectic mix of backgrounds.  They bring ideas and teachings from several different schools.  

Ready to regain your flexibility and feel and be stronger? A great class is built around listening to your body, and honoring the messages that is sends.  No expectations, just surrender!

We believe that every practitioner has his or her own valid reason to step on the mat, and we respect each person's individual experience.  We encourage you to adjust or modify your practice as you see fit.

Check out our warm yoga offerings below:


A mindful flow class emphasizing alignment-based techniques.  Incorporates slower flow and longer holds to allow the body to accept the physical pattern of asanas and integrate the mind-body connection. 

If new to yoga, it is recommended that INTRO SERIES or YOGA ESSENTIALS is taken first.  

LEVEL:  Experience Recommended (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Warm to Hot      TIME:  60-minutes


Specifically designed to introduce the theories and practice of Ashtanga with individual modifications suitable for everyone.  The Ashtanga sequence, assists in purification and strength within the body while providing a tool for centering and focus of attention through breath-based movement. This class follows much of the traditional format of the Ashtanga practice – sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, and closing sequence poses.  Our instructors make the sequence accessible to students of all body types, ages, and experience levels. This class moves at a moderate- to slow- pace. You’ll leave each class feeling challenged, physically rejuvenated and relaxed.  Ancient Practice at a Moderate Pace.

LEVEL:  All levels (modify as needed)         TEMPERATURE:  No- Heat        TIME:  60-75 minutes (check the schedule


Buti Yoga fuses power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, and body sculpting plyometrics to yield long, lean muscle, sexy feminine curves, and a complete transfomation of the mind-body connection. BUTI Yoga was created by Celebrity Trainer Bizzie Gold, and utilizes the technique to sculpt and tone the deepest of abdominal muscles - to stabilize and strengthen the body.  Additionally, you will experience a full cardio-intensive class.

LEVEL:  Experience encouraged - but not necessary.        TEMPERATURE:  Warm & No-Heat              TIME:  45- 60-minutes (check the schedule


Come unwind with this sweet Vinyasa Flow class which provides both a challenging workout and the ultimate in relaxation.  This vinyasa is appropriate for all levels and the poses during this class are all tied together with flowing breath. This transformative yoga experience includes flowing movement combined with longer held, restorative asanas that will leave you feeling incredible and elated.  Combined with personal assists and candlelight for the ultimate in relaxation.

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Warm         TIME:  60-minutes


By gentle candlelight, restore and passively open the body by use of bolsters, blocks, straps and other props to help bring ease and rest. Restorative postures will be supported and held for longer periods of time allowing you to ease into an idyllic state. Allow your physical body a break as you open your mind, joints, and ligaments.  Offered in the WARM and NO-HEAT temperature varieties.  Check the schedule to find the right selection for you.  All levels of practitioners will enjoy and benefit from this bliss-eliciting class.

LEVEL:  All levels             TEMPERATURE:  Warm & No-HeatTIME: 60-minutes


This all levels, gentle slow and mindful class will help you ground, connect with the earth and center yourself for the following week. Specifically, offering students the opportunity to start the week with simple movements to connect the body with breath and supportive restorative postures for deeper relaxation.!

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)         TEMPERATURE:  Warm        TIME:  60 minutes


A rhythmic, continuous flow and challenging poses for experienced students. A sound understanding of basic alignment is recommended.

If new to yoga, it is recommended that YOGA ESSENTIALS is taken first.  

LEVEL:  Intermediate (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Hot, Warm, & No Heat     TIME:  60-minutes


This class focuses on deep relaxation, rejuvenation and healing. Promoting physical and mental fitness through poses, breathing exercises, guided imagery, and often meditation. Suitable for most fitness levels and ages - GENTLE YOGA is a soothing practice held in our infrared-heated room (WARM-HOT variety): allowing for deep stretching of muscles and relaxation. This class is suitable for beginners and those who are looking for a slower paced, more expressive experience. This class will help you develop body awareness, learn basic asanas and their various modifications.  An emphasis on proper alignment will help you slowly and safely build strength. Within this class a full explanation of yogic breathing is offered, along with instruction on how to link your breath with movement.  

For your convenience, GENTLE YOGA classes are offered in the WARM/HOT and NO-HEAT variety.  Check with our schedule to find the right class for you.  

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)         TEMPERATURE:  Warm, Hot & No-Heat         TIME:  60 minutes


An early morning Power Flow is a unique class in that it combines the fast-paced, cardio-vascular workout of a power yoga class with the straightforwardness of a yoga flow class. Begin your day with this flowing class that focuses on building strength, flexibility and balance both on the mat and off!  The session is an invigorating yoga class that is taught in an 80-85 degree room and is sure to challenge you while giving you a great workout. The class will end with a brief relaxation, which allows both mind and body to integrate and restore after a challenging class.  

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Warm         TIME:  60-minutes


Sun Salutations are the most complete set of postures for a daily practice, bringing vitality to the spine, energizing the breath and stretching and strengthening the entire body. We will explore the many variations of how to link the postures, eventually adding other asanas into our flow (warrior, balance, etc). 

LEVEL: All levels (move at your pace)            TEMPERATURE: Warm              TIME: 60 minutes


A power filled, high energy yoga class that adds light weights and dynamic movement into your yoga practice.  This all levels class strengthens, balances and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures and connected breath. Set to an energizing playlist, you’ll power up your yoga practice like never before.

LEVEL:  Experience Recommended         TEMPERATURE:  Warm & No-Heat   TIME: 60-minutes


Get ready for some movement, music, and fun!  Elevate your heart rate with well-balanced flow and a wide variety of fundamental poses. Experiment with a challenge-pose here and there, and lengthen your muscles as you wind down. The range of options offered and modifications makes this class largely accessible. Enjoy a rollicking selection of music!  

This spirited, and fun-filled class will be offered in WARM and NO-HEAT - check schedule for the class that's just right for you.  If new to yoga, it is recommended that INTRO SERIES is taken first.  

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)         TEMPERATURE:  Warm & No-Heat          TIME:  60-minutes 


Yoga of Service – A percentage of each drop-in for this class will be donated to a different charity each month.  We'd love to know any suggestions you have regarding local charities!

Karma Yoga – is one of the four paths of yoga.  The word “Karma” means “to do, to act”. Any emotional, mental, or physical act is called Karma.  Karma also describes the consequence of this act, thus the word also refers to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect - where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). 

This class will allow for the opportunity to lead without ego in a gently-restorative, all while relinquishing attachment to a specific outcome from the sequence of postures.  Therein lies the opportunity for spiritual awakening.  Once you begin to awaken, you search for practices/deeds to purify and to help you awaken even further. 

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)    TEMPERATURE:  No-Heat & Warm (check the schedule)   TIME:  60-minutes  


Through asanas (postures), mudras, breath work, and meditation, the practice of Kundalini Yoga balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and enables one to harness the energy of the mind and the emotions.  This allows us to be in control of ourselves, rather than being controlled by our thoughts and feelings. This is yoga for every person.  It is said that the  Kundalini Yoga experience goes right to your heart, to your core.  These teachings are designed to give you “hands on” experience of your highest consciousness. By approaching Kundalini Yoga with and open heart, mind and with respect - your life can change.

LEVEL:  All levels          TEMPERATURE:  Warm and No-Heat (check the schedule)    TIME:  60-minutes 


Begin with a warm up to introduce flexibility to your muscles and joints.  You will then be led through a sequence of various sun salutations/cardio yoga flows. This sequence is intense and involves many vinyasas – those with shoulder issues be advised, and modify. You will sweat!

The cardio practice will be followed by a series of grounding and restorative yoga postures - to help to soothe, cool, and restore the body. The class concludes with a variation of yoga nidra or a guided mediation.  To give you that ease of mind to return to the hustle and bustle of the outside world.  You will leave feeling strong, rejuvenated, and completely at ease.

If new to yoga, it is recommended that INTRO SERIES or YOGA ESSENTIALS is taken first.  

LEVEL:  Experience Recommended (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Warm to Hot     TIME:  60- & 75-minutes


Pamper yourself with the ultimate in self-care.  This class provides an invaluable opportunity for learning to slow down.  Breathing and control (pranayama) techniques along with mellow movement, hip openers, and many prone poses.  You will walk out feeling regenerated and renewed!

As indicated on the schedule - this rejuvenating class is offered in WARM and NO-HEAT temperature varieties.  Refer to the schedule to find the class just right for you!   

LEVEL:  All levels            TEMPERATURE:  Warm & No-Heat      TIME:  60-minutes 


Geared towards our clients drawn to a powerful challenge and full-body workout.  This class is a slow flow power yoga class where the postures will be held longer - you will feel the burn!  

You will leave with the satisfaction of completely working out your body and an appreciation for the asanas.

LEVEL:  All levels.  Modify/move at your pace.        TEMPERATURE:  Warm    TIME:  60-minutes 


Begin your day with an energy-inducing active yoga practice!  Encourage mindfulness via continuous movement linked with breath. Move through creative sequences that highlight proper alignment, supported with gentle hands-on assists. Move into your day with strength, flexibility and energy!

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)         TEMPERATURE:  Warm        TIME:  60-minutes


Steely Yoga is a unique class that combines the stretching and lengthening benefits of yoga with the strengthening and toning benefits of using hand weights.  This is a class that infuses yoga and lightweight dumbbells to provide a revitalizing practice that is sure to achieve focus and agility. This total body workout is taught in an 85-degree room and is perfect for most fitness levels – from new to experienced yogis: or anyone who just wants to take their current practice to the next level. Enjoy one easy workout that combines strengthening and lengthening to rev up your metabolism, re-shape your body and calm your mind!

If new to yoga, it is recommended that INTRO SERIES and/or YOGA ESSENTIALS is taken first.  

LEVEL:  Experience Required          TEMPERATURE:  Warm/Hot        TIME: 60-minutes


Developed by Sydney Taylor, a warm class that encompasses the full Hatha Yoga experience to include longer holds without flow.  Students will relish in the strength of 30-second holds in this invigorating session. Hatha yoga can help us toward the path of creating balance and uniting opposites.  Our physical bodies we develop a balance of strength and flexibility - while we also learn to balance our effort and surrender in each pose. 

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Warm                                                    TIME:  60-minutes


Jam out and enjoy yoga, strengthening, centering, and fun accompanied by an eclectic and mood-enhancing soundtrack! 

Strengthen your body and elevate your heart rate with a Hatha-based, well-balanced sequence and variety of fundamental poses.   This class is conducted in a heated room of about 90-95 degrees and is guaranteed to get you moving and sweating very quickly.   We'll mix things up in this class by sometimes integrating yoga, weights, core work and perhaps a dance move here and there.  You will receive a serious workout that is also fun and energizing.  The playful nature of this class combined with the postures, and fun music - will make the the hour fly by!

The range of options offered and modifications makes this class largely accessible.  Enjoy a rollicking selection of music – leave your requests! 

If new to yoga, it is recommended that INTRO SERIES or YOGA ESSENTIALS is taken first. 

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Warm and Hot (check schedule)        TIME:  60-minutes


A class that flows into various core-strengthening asanas that will keep you centered and coming back for more!  Set in our infrared-warmed room, your muscles will enjoy building upon continued agility and accelerated strength within in that progressive flow.   Access your innermost power!     

An all levels detoxifying yoga practice focused on keeping your center engaged and on point! This class is heated and your core is fused into everything we do on the mat, toning, building bone density and core strength.    

A class that flows into various core-strengthening asanas that will keep you centered and coming back for more!  Set in our infrared-warmed room, your muscles will enjoy building upon continued agility and accelerated strength within in that progressive flow.   Access your innermost power!     

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Warm      TIME:  60-75-minutes  (check the schedule)   


A unique combination of yoga movement and guided meditation. Classical yoga asana (postures), breath work, and gentle movements to build strength, flexibility and relaxation. This is a powerful practice that is suitable for all levels.  A practice that is gentle – but incredibly strengthening.

In a warm room, you will be guided through creative postures, focusing on your alignment, while you build strength, flexibility and a deep connection between your body and mind.  

This is a great opportunity to learn balance, effort, and surrender in each pose.  This powerful class closes with yin yoga postures and meditation, to find presence, and slow down the "chatter" in the mind.  The utilization of guided imagery and breath to reach the parasympathetic nervous system will be employed – a lovely way to close your Wednesday evening.

LEVEL:  All levels             TEMPERATURE: Warm        TIME: 60-minutes


Like your morning pick-me-up hot?  This energizing class for all levels builds, strength and increased flexibility the more you practice.  Move through a creative sequence that is intended connect to your breath and find the appropriate body alignment.  An invigorating series of asanas - that still allows you to control the pace you deem comfortable (yet challenging).  You won't need caffeine after this class!    

This soon-to-be classic series is offered in all three temperature varieties - HOT, WARM, and NO-HEAT.   Please refer to the schedule for the class that's right for you.

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Hot, Warm, & No-Heat     TIME:  60-minutes


What an incredibly fun dichotomy - the class where contrary forces are complementary!  A one-of-a-kind session that balances body, mind, and spirit, with stillness and motion - alternating with motion and stillness.  You'll never realized how much you needed a class like this in your life - come find out for yourself!  

Prepare for your weekend by working hard followed by restoration; and vice versa.   

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)         TEMPERATURE:  Warm    TIME:  75-minutes


A slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may be up to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one pose for five minutes or more. Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. This style digs deep into the layers of the body and helps one to release the emotions, feelings and memories stored within the body.  A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality. This class has an added touch of ascending warmth for a deeper stretch/relaxation.

LEVEL:  All levels             TEMPERATURE:  No-Heat Ascends to Warm TIME: 60-minutes 


A casual, spontaneous class that explores fundamental yoga postures and basic alignment in a warm room. Learn the fundamentals to further your ability to safely explore a wider variety of poses. Experience and discover the positive effects of yoga in a warm room.  Introduction to various techniques of pranayama – the extension of the prana (breath or life force) or breath control.  These classes are offered in both the WARM and NO-HEAT varieties - as indicated on the schedule.  Either way, be prepared to break a light- to significant-sweat.  

Many students will enjoy the YOGA ESSENTIALS classes on an ongoing basis.  

LEVEL:  Beginner to Intermediate    TEMPERATURE:  Warm & No-Heat (check the schedule)        TIME:  60-minutes


A perfect marriage of two great practices – Yoga and mat Pilates!  Pilates mat classes emphasize the development of core (powerhouse) strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.  The classes introduce exercises at multiple levels, allowing students to choose to work at a beginning, intermediate, or advanced pace.  By blending Yoga asana with Pilates movement, students learn mindfulness, awareness of breath patterns, and spinal alignment.  Expect engagement of the deepest muscles of your core.  

This unique series of classes are offered in WARM and NO-HEAT.  For an added challenge - the WARM offering is held in a room gently-heated (80 degrees) using infrared technology.     

Various props (blocks, bolters, flex bands, foam rollers, rings, light weights, and balls) are often utilized so as to enhance/intensify the workout.  No previous Pilates experience is necessary to join a mat class. 

LEVEL:  All levels (move at your pace)         TEMPERATURE:  Warm & No-Heat (as indicated on schedule)   TIME:  60-minutes 

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We offer private and semi-private yoga classes, yoga parties and corporate group sessions.