Ynske Joppe

ynske joppe.jpg

Ynske started her yoga journey in Dubai in 2008. She needed something to express and calm herself. Moving across half of the world with two little kids was a little overwhelming. She found what she was looking for in Vinyasa Yoga. Ynske just love the flow and freedom of moving through poses. It reminds her of dancing, which was a very important part of her life growing up in the Netherlands.

When an opportunity for a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training came up in 2011, she jumped in with both feet. That was the best choice ever as she got to share her love for helping people, challenging and teaching them another way of looking at their body and creating an awareness of how to find relieve for stress and pain. She started teaching right away.

In 2014 they moved back to Houston and Ynske missed teaching….so sshe found places to teach and share what she loves to do.

In 2016 I wanted to widen her horizons so she decided to take Stott Pilates Training. She completed t Pilates and is going to  the Reformer training soon. Ynske feels that it is so much fun to change your point of view and to look a little differently to moving the body and how it works muscle and joint wise. It helps sharpen your teaching skills too. 

Ynske is looking forward to sharing the love for taking care of yourself and finding ways to get to a better YOU who is more relaxed, more toned, happier and healthier!!!