Yoga for Kids - Every Saturday at 1:00 PM

$5 per child (parent or guardian is a member)    $8 per child (parent or guardian is non-member)

$5 per child (parent or guardian is a member)

$8 per child (parent or guardian is non-member)

We typically offer yoga for kids from 4-9 years of age every Saturday.  These classes are considered special events and are not charged the same as a regular class.   Our Kids Yoga class provides a great way for your child to unwind after a long of school and activities.  In a non-competitive and nurturing environment, your child will practice fun asana sequences, play fun and challenging yoga-style games, learn simple partner poses, learn breath skills & techniques for self-calming and stress relief.  

Thematic ideas will be introduced through discussion, play and art.  This class provides a fun-filled way to cultivate self-esteem and body awareness.  Yoga style games refine co-operation and listening skills which are essential for success in school.  

Your children will develop strong minds and bodies while learning to release tension and relax - this helps keep the spirit bright!

“For children, who are the custodians of each nation in particular and the whole world at large, I feel Yoga is the essential product of the twenty first century to lead them to a perfect physical health and mental well-being.” 


How does practicing yoga benefit children?

Children are natural yogis.  They have innate trust in others - combined with their lack of inhibitions, they are a great conduit to receive the teachings of yoga and grow from them in inspiring ways.   If we can lead them there, they will not only flourish, but they will enjoy it immensely. 

Yoga can benefit children in a profound way - a sampling of benefits include:

Self-acceptance is at the root of yoga teachings

Yoga also teaches kids to accept and cherish themselves as they are today, and every day.  Society sending so many messages of inadequacy,  comparison, and doubt - yoga teaches kids to love themselves as they are.

Fosters healthy habits

Any exercise program begun in childhood helps kids to remain physically active and healthy as a lifestyle. However, yoga takes that further by teaching not only the healthy habits mentioned above, but also a healthy approach to eating and the ability to calm oneself and focus the mind.

Teaches acceptance of others

Yoga teaches acceptance of others. Yoga encourages tolerance and kids learn early in life that all living beings are to be cherished - that everyone deserves respect.   This helps  foster a more peaceful community, which can subsequently grow into a more peaceful and accepting world.

Yoga is not competitive

Being the best and achieving the most - children are inundated with this thought process.  We learn through yoga, that bodies are different; and different bodies do different things - and that this is great!  There is no "best at" or "winner" in yoga; we are all just exploring our bodies and learning in our own way. 

Encourages focus

We all exist live in a world filled with distraction.  As a result, many children are unable to focus on anything for any length of time. Yoga teaches kids to be present (being in the current moment), and concentration to focus on their breath.  This can carry them through their  day -  under any any situation or circumstance. 

Through yoga, kids learn to focus on poses by learning correct body alignment.  Subsequently, they learn to focus on their bodies and how they function—guiding each part of their body through the subtleties of the pose.

Yoga is calming

Typically, children deal with frustration by crying and throwing tantrums. When armed with the knowledge of healthy breathing techniques and tools to focus the mind, they begin to apply those tools in their everyday lives.  This will help children to deal with and react to any situation in an appropriate manner.

Self-awareness is sought

Through being guided through the poses, children learn more about their bodies and what they are capable of - making them more aware.  Through asana, they learn that they can achieve this awareness through their own thoughts and how they choose to react to any given situation. This awareness of the body, mind and spirit - when all three work together, children learn to develop into more confident, kind, responsible adults.

Supports positive mental health

The above benefits are all cogs to the machinery of positive mental health. When children learn to accept and love themselves as they are, to see the good in others, focus and calm their minds, and to be aware of their innate capabilities, they learn tools for resilience.

As a result, children are more likely to be optimistic about their abilities and life as a whole.  They will hopefully be less likely to succumb to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues that are so prevalent today.  Yoga teaches children that relaxation is encouraged - this is not easy,  it takes learning and practice in order to achieve this.  Yoga provides space for the mind to slow down and settle.

If children can learn how to relax and be in the moment of stillness, they will be better armed to handle the stressors and pressures that will begin to hit them as they get older.


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