Men At Yoga - Yoga For Men

Real Yoga postures that build the foundation of strength and flexibility that’s needed by all men.

 We understand that stepping into a Yoga class can be intimidating for anyone – especially for a man that may not have the flexibility he sees in a room full of yogis bending like pretzels!  Essentially, it is the most basic of postures—not the fancy positions—that provide you with the foundation of strength, flexibility, focus, and calm and that every man needs.

 Men at Yoga is a class that is great for men of all levels of experience, strength, and flexibility. The practice combines postures of strength with elements of toning, cardio, breath-work, stress-reducing, and core-strengthening.  Led by men, the class will vary pull from many types of yoga and fitness regimens – providing an environment of calm, yet you will experience that “pumped up” exhilaration all while learning the basics.

 Great for men who can’t yet touch their toes – to the regular yogi.  Take part in the camaraderie, and enjoy time learning, practicing, and most importantly, breathing together. 



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