Yoga:  Power & Demanding Classes

(Experience Suggested)

Welcome to healing and connection.  By committing to your yoga practice you will notice an increased sense of presence, wellness, and mindfulness - as calm infuses into your life on so many levels.

Most of the classes we teach offer consist of Hatha and Vinyasa (Flow) yoga principles.  Our teachers draw from diverse backgrounds including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Baptiste, Bikram, and more.  We offer a unique breadth of experience as our instructors come from an eclectic mix of backgrounds.  They bring ideas and teachings from several different schools.  

Ready to regain your flexibility and feel and be stronger? A great class is built around listening to your body, and honoring the messages that is sends.  No expectations, just surrender!

We believe that every practitioner has his or her own valid reason to step on the mat, and we respect each person's individual experience.  We encourage you to adjust or modify your practice as you see fit.

Looking to add some power or more challenge to your practice?  Below are class listings that may be considered demanding or powerful.  We suggest some experience before trying these.  If new to yoga, it is recommended that INTRO SERIES and/or YOGA ESSENTIALS is taken first.  


An hour-long version of the Ashtanga Essentials Series.  This is a moderate to fast-paced class focusing on ujjayi breath and vinyasa movement.  Students complete Sun Salutations with traditional Sanskrit counting, the entirety of the Standing Sequence, and a sampling of the seated sequence.  This class is energizing and re-focusing.  Since we move quickly, experience is required for this class.  If new to Ashtanga, please take ASHTANGA ESSENTIALS SERIES before Ashtanga Abridged.  

LEVEL:  Experience Suggested          TEMPERATURE:  No-Heat        TIME: 60 minutes


Specifically designed to introduce the theories and practice of Ashtanga with individual modifications suitable for everyone.  The Ashtanga sequence, assists in purification and strength within the body while providing a tool for centering and focus of attention through breath-based movement. This class follows much of the traditional format of the Ashtanga practice – sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, and closing sequence poses.  Our instructors make the sequence accessible to students of all body types, ages, and experience levels. This class moves at a moderate- to slow- pace. You’ll leave each class feeling challenged, physically rejuvenated and relaxed.  Ancient Practice at a Moderate Pace.

LEVEL:  All levels (modify as needed)         TEMPERATURE:  No- Heat        TIME:  75 minutes


The Ashtanga-fused sequence, assists in purification and strength within the body while providing a tool for centering and focus of attention through breath-based movement. This is a powerful practice – therefore some yoga experience is required.  If new to Ashtanga, please take ASHTANGA ESSENTIALS SERIES before attempting this class.  

LEVEL:  Experience Suggested         TEMPERATURE:  No-Heat        TIME:  60-90 minutes


Buti Yoga workouts transform your BODY + SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice. This calorie-scorching workout fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance + body sculpting primal movement. Created by Celebrity Trainer Bizzie Gold, Buti Yoga utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt + tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. Instead of linear movements, Gold favors movements that challenge the body along all planes of motion - THE RESULT - long, lean muscle with sexy feminine curves. 

LEVEL:  Experience not required - please modify to your needs.    TEMPERATURE:  Warm & No-Heat      TIME: 60 minutes

HOT 26:

HOT 26 is a set 26 yoga postures taught with two specific breathing exercises and practiced in a HOT room up to 105 degrees.  This class - based on the foundations of the Bikram style, is the same sequence with each class so you can develop awareness and appreciation for how you are developing and growing, both physically and mentally, throughout your practice.  The sequence was designed to systematically work every body part, including internal organs, ligaments, veins and muscles so they can maintain optimal health.  Each posture of the sequence accomplishes something different in the body and they all work synergistically to help the body perform at its best.

Please note that although the poses and pace of this class are perfect for a beginner, the high temperature makes this class extremely challenging.  Nobody will be allowed to enter the class without a full bottle of water.  Additionally, you should drink extra water the day before, of, and after class to make sure you are properly hydrated.  Please pay very close attention to yourself and the way that you are feeling during your session.  This class is designed to be very extreme and the heat can be very exhausting.  If, at any point, you do not feel okay, please notify your instructor.

LEVEL:  Beginner to Intermediate    TEMPERATURE:  Hot      TIME:  75-minutes


A rhythmic, continuous flow and challenging poses for experienced students. A sound understanding of basic alignment is recommended.

If new to yoga, it is recommended that YOGA ESSENTIALS  or INTRO SERIES is taken first.  

LEVEL:  Intermediate (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Hot, Warm, & No Heat     TIME:  60-minutes


A power filled, high energy yoga class that adds light weights and dynamic movement into your yoga practice.  This all levels class strengthens, balances and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures and connected breath. Set to an energizing playlist, you’ll power up your yoga practice like never before.

LEVEL:  Experience Recommended - modify/move at your pace     TEMPERATURE:  Warm & No-Heat   TIME: 60-minutes


Set in a warm room to start (temperature increases gradually to hot), Austin will begin with a warm up to introduce flexibility to your muscles and joints. He will then lead you through a sequence of various postures that often include variations of sun salutations and powerful yoga flows. 

This sequence is intense and involves power and movement – be advised, this is a powerful class. Please modify to your body. You will sweat!

The practice of power will be followed by a series of grounding and restorative yoga postures - to help to soothe, cool, and restore the body.

LEVEL:  Experience Advised - modify/move at your pace          TEMPERATURE:  Warm to Hot        TIME: 60-minutes


Begin with a warm up to introduce flexibility to your muscles and joints.  You will then be led through a sequence of various sun salutations/cardio yoga flows. This sequence is intense and involves many vinyasas – those with shoulder issues be advised, and modify. You will sweat!

The cardio practice will be followed by a series of grounding and restorative yoga postures - to help to soothe, cool, and restore the body. The class concludes with a variation of yoga nidra or a guided mediation.  To give you that ease of mind to return to the hustle and bustle of the outside world.  You will leave feeling strong, rejuvenated, and completely at ease.

If new to yoga, it is recommended that INTRO SERIES or YOGA ESSENTIALS is taken first.  

LEVEL:  Experience Recommended (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Warm to Hot     TIME:  60- & 75-minutes


An intermediate/advanced vinyasa class with self-expression through your personal practice.

The instructor joins you in flow through balance, core integration and strength! Come rock your flow! Intermediate/advanced

LEVEL:  Intermediate/Advanced (move at your pace)        TEMPERATURE:  Hot       TIME:  60-minutes


Geared towards our clients drawn to a powerful challenge and full-body workout.  This class is a slow flow power yoga class where the postures will be held longer - you will feel the burn!  

You will leave with the satisfaction of completely working out your body and an appreciation for the asanas.

LEVEL:  Intermediate to advanced - modify/move at your pace        TEMPERATURE:  Warm    TIME:  60-minutes 


Steely Yoga is a unique class that combines the stretching and lengthening benefits of yoga with the strengthening and toning benefits of using hand weights.  This is a class that infuses yoga and lightweight dumbbells to provide a revitalizing practice that is sure to achieve focus and agility. This total body workout is taught in an 85-degree room and is perfect for most fitness levels – from new to experienced yogis: or anyone who just wants to take their current practice to the next level. Enjoy one easy workout that combines strengthening and lengthening to rev up your metabolism, re-shape your body and calm your mind!

If new to yoga, it is recommended that INTRO SERIES or YOGA ESSENTIALSis taken first.  

LEVEL:  Experience Suggested -modify/move at your pace          TEMPERATURE:  Warm/Hot        TIME: 60-minutes

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