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Chelsea Salinas

Chelsea is known for bubbly personality, her non-judgmental teaching style, and compassion-centered philosophy in her classes. She encourages and empowers others to start slow and build their practice to things they never thought themselves capable of doing. In her classes she loves to create a fun and playful almost practice to help others thrive by nurturing their mind, body, and soul. Yoga shouldn't feel like something you "have" to do but instead something you want to do and her goal is to help you find that center ground. 

When not doing or instructing Chelsea also enjoys reading young adult novels, watching Charmed or anything supernatural, and singing along to anything with a good beat. She loves yoga because it not only makes her feel good, but allows her to live life more freely (and eat more - she likes to eat). Her favorite place is being surrounded by people with good vibes looking to push themselves out of their comfort zones.