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Class Cancellation Procedures & No-Show Policies

It gives us great pleasure to offer you so many classes that have grown to extreme popularity. This popularity leads to the class registration to be filled (and subsequently closed) well before the day of the scheduled class. Unfortunately, with each full registration, the actual class yields several “no-shows” that take the space that someone else wanted the opportunity to fill. With the busiest time of year coming up, and after hearing from so many disappointed students that have missed out on classes with full registration, we will be instituting a NO-SHOW policy beginning January 1, 2018.

We totally understand that life happens, and that things come up where you cannot make your registered class. This policy is not meant to penalize, but to accommodate students that would love to get in on a full class – by freeing up the spaces when/where people cannot make it to class as originally planned. 

Please note, anyone registered for a class is expected to cancel their registration at least one-hour ahead of scheduled class time. If a student fails to cancel a registration and does not attend, we will send them a polite reminder about this policy. After the second instance of no-show without de-registration/cancellation, a $1 no-show fee will be charged for each class they no-show without notification.

Please be considerate of your fellow yogi’s and fitness friends by freeing-up a space for others when you know you cannot attend.

How to de-register for a class:

There are many easy ways to de-register/cancel a class (within one-hour of scheduled class time):

1. APP: 

Utilize our iPhone/iPad app to login to your account (username is your e-mail address) and de-register yourself. The iPhone/iPad app is available at this link:…/some-like-it-hot-yo…/id1129797614

2. ON-LINE: 

Use any internet browser to login to your account (username is your e-mail address) and de-register yourself:

3. CALL: 

Call the studio front desk at 832-653-6798 and notify a staff member. Please provide your name, class name/time.

4. TEXT: 

Send a text message to 281-702-7427 with your de-registration request. Please provide your name, class name/time.

5. E-MAIL: 

E-mail your de-registration request to Please provide your name, class name/time.

Please remember to give your full name and class time so we can find your account and de-register you.