You Always Remember Your First

Hello everyone!  It's your old pal Deborah coming to you with the first post of our official blog.

It will come as no surprise for those that know me even a little - the following bit of information:

I have no earthly idea of what I am doing by way of blogging - and barely comprehend the concept!

I am not kidding here.  You are getting this raw, as I type.  This being said and known, I humbly request the following:

Please be patient. 

Truth be told, I am overwhelmed - in nearly every facet of my life.  Creating a blog for the studio has been on my "to-do" list for almost 22-months!  With my current workload marketing the studio, teaching schedule, and the laundry list of items that must be done to keep the studio running, I have not had a moment to begin this venture - yeah, I know - excuses, excuses!   

If I don't start it now, I fear another 22-months will elapse.  So I am striking now while the iron is at least plugged in :)

Please be kind.

I am old, and old-school!  There will be a learning curve - but I am a fast-learner.  I will stumble several times - but I will get it!  Please show me some mercy.

Please know that I am doing my best.  

One of my strengths are the ability to align myself with incredibly kind, talented, and (hopefully) eager to help people.  To that end, please know that I have already requested the help from our incredible staff to assist with content and be contributors.  I know you would rather hear from them anyway (no worries, I would too).

I want to hear from you!  We are a family, and I would just LOVE for you to suggest, request, and contribute to this living, breathing experiment.  Please feel free to reach out to me with your requests, suggestions, and more.