Justin Williams - Fitness Instructor

justin williams.jpg

"You have a billion dollar body, believe in it, learn it, use it."  

Justin has always had a passion for fitness and overall well being since an early age.  Growing up Justin was always involved in sports and also suffered a major leg injury competing.  He contributes that and being a fan of comic books, martial arts, and body building to shaping his love for training and wellness.  "I used to only know running, lifting weights, and playing sports to stay in shape.  I spent a couple of years overseas doing nothing but running and lifting weights and found that I had a great shape, but I wasn't necessarily in shape.  Most importantly, all the training I did to fully rehab my leg didn't work they way I envisioned.  When I returned to the US, I realized that I had so much to learn about the human body." This is what challenged Justin to become a personal trainer.  "I knew if I could work on my body, my injuries, and correct my muscle imbalances, I would be ready to help others discover what they are capable of."

This is where TRX comes in.  TRX, Make Your Body Your Machine!  It is truly that in Justin's classes.  "Suspension training fit seamlessly with my style of training.  You can use it to gain strength and make your body lean.  It is also a great tool to rehab and correct those "bad" areas in our body (bad knees, back, etc.) by allowing you to gradually increase the level of difficulty.  TRX is a perfect compliment to Yoga because it challenges you mentally and forces you to use those forgotten about muscles that help us learn and stabilize our bodies just as Yoga does."

Justin makes sure to do everything he can to ensure a safe and fun training experience in every class he teaches.  "This is not just a class you go to and get through, but an experience that will change and shape your fitness future."  

Justin is a NASM Certified personal trainer with specializations in Performance Enhancement, Fitness Nutrition, Golf Fitness, TRX Suspension and TRX Group Training.